46664 Bangle Box redesign
“Building a better future”
Johannesburg, 30 March 2012: Next generation of the unique 46664 bangle box to be launched in April 2012.
How cool is the silver box your 46664 bangle comes in? The box has been a great source of pride, as it is hand made in South Africa to benefit manual labour. In light of the continuous focus we have in how to expand and make things work as proudly South African products, we embarked on a redesign where we wanted the same unique feel and look but a refresh that improved on the use of materials while protecting the labour portion. At the same time we wanted to make sure we could be just a bit friendlier to the environment as well. The result; a totally new box, using the ancient art of Origami and no glue. A box to be proud of with less material costs so we could protect the labour portion in this high inflation market.
Started in 2008, the Bangle Program, in partnership with 46664, is a social profit organisation that creates the MyCopper, Copper, Black Pearl and Silver bangles. This range is supplemented by the significant investment bangles in 18c, 24c Gold, and Platinum. The investment tier of bangles is enhanced by the limited edition Legacy and Bespoke Bangles. The boxes the bangles are sold in have always been a significant point of pride amongst the factory workers and we were pressed by the increasing costs to come up with a solution so as not to impact on the labour portion.
Masterpack a 46664 bangle program partner were the initiators with their design team for the new creation, a worthy effort with a eye catching simply design that folder together into an oyster gift box revealing the surprise inside.
The new boxes will be release during April in Denmark first and then the rest of teh world shortly after.
In his 2008 speech, Mr. Mandela reminded the world that it was “ our hands” to create a better world: the need for each and every individual to stand up, take action and change the world for the better. The 46664 Bangle is a Symbol of Hope, A Symbol of Participation. A Symbol of Responsibility.
The 46664 Bangle project aims to raise significant funding over the next few years via the sale of 2, 5 million silver bangles, or combinations of gold, silver, platinum and copper to the same value. During this process, this social enterprise aims to create more than 4000 job opportunities (and stories of hope), while contributing funds to 46664. Most of all, the bangles themselves will spread a message of hope and social justice for all.
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