Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary wearing Sabine Roemer 46664 African Emerals Bangles

Johannesburg 02 March, 2010 - Bespoke 46664 Bangles are set to glitter on the wrists of acclaimed Oscar winner Morgan Freeman and producer Lori McCreary at next month`s film industry event of the year- the 82nd Academy Awards which are to be held on Sunday, March 7.

Freeman has been nominated for an Academy Award for best actor for his performance as Nelson Mandela in Invictus, a portrayal of South Africa`s 1995 Rugby World Cup victory and how it helped to unite what was then a racially segregated country. This year`s nomination is Freeman`s fifth and may result in his second win – he took the Oscar for best supporting Actor for his role in Million Dollar Baby in 2005.

The unique 46664 Bangles have been designed by Sabina Roemer, who designs all of McCreary`s jewellery. Roemer, who had heard of the 46664 Bangle initiative that raises funds for Nelson Mandela`s various charities, says, “When Lori told me she wanted something different for the Oscars I took the opportunity to contribute to a line of jewellery that does more than just adorn bodies,” says Roemer. “The Academy Awards red carpet is all about fashion but I feel these bangles add a dimension of social awareness and responsibility to the affair.”

The 46664 Bangle is a social investment organisation that manufactures and distributes locally manufactured platinum, gold, silver and copper bangles engraved with Mandela`s prison number, 46664. Since the launch in June 2008, the organisation has provided skills and permanent jobs for a growing number of people who were previously destitute. Besides generating employment, 60 per cent of the proceeds from the sales of the bangles goes towards 46664.

Bespoke 46664 Bangles are one-of-a-kind creations. A filigreed African Daisy design scattered with white diamonds sets McCreary`s yellow gold bangle apart from the rest. Freeman`s platinum bangle is decorated with emeralds and black diamonds.

The bangles bear a unique serial number that can be used to register them online and in so doing, authenticate them and track who was has been employed through the programme. In honour of Freeman`s commitment to the 46664 Bangle initiative, as well as in recognition of his Oscar nomination, the serial code on the inside of his bangle reads “Invictus”. The serial code on McCreary`s bangle is “African daisy”.

A long-time champion of the 46664 Bangle Initiative, Freeman has been quoted as saying that he never takes his bangle off. “The `Invictus` Bespoke 46664 Bangle is a reminder that one person can indeed make a significant impact on the world," he says. Freeman has also given permission for his to be auctioned off to raise funds for the 46664 Bangle initiative.

Robert Coutts, founder of 46664 Bangle is of the opinion that the Academy Awards night will be one of the highlights of the initiative`s history. "Morgan will be wearing his bangle at one of the world`s most highly publicised and prestigious events," he says. "His convincing portrayal of Nelson Mandela is what got him the nomination and I believe that this is a fitting way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Mandela`s release."

Freeman and McCreary are two of a wide spectrum of celebrities, politicians and other eminent figures from around the globe who have put their weight behind the 46664 Bangle initiative. But it is not only the famous who wear the bangles as a sign of their commitment to making a tangible contribution towards tackling HIV/AIDS, poverty and other social ills, everyone can be part of the fight.

Uniquely serialised 46664 bangles range in price from $23.95 for the copper bangles, $229 for silver bangles to $5 900 for 18-carat gold and $6 400 for 24-carat gold, to $12 900 for platinum (all prices exclude local sales tax).

Wearers of the bangle are joined in a global family of people who care enough about the world`s most serious problems to take an active stance against them.

For immediate delivery in the US, the bangles can be bought online at or the US call center at 1-866-984-6664.

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