Christmas gift for Norah on WORLD AIDS DAY
Wednesday, 1 December 2010

World Aids Day is meant to remind us of the impact of HIV / Aids on the world. It is a day we emphasize the progress made in the battle against the epidemic, bring into focus the many challenges we still face, and raise funding for the prevention, education and treatment of HIV / Aids. But in a big way it is also a day that a small act can make a huge difference to one person’s life and restore a sense of hope.

Every year around this time a South African radio station, 94.7fm Highveld Stereo, runs a campaign called the Christmas Wish. They invite listeners to write in about people in need and their stories and about a wish they would like to have fulfilled for them. The radio station then find sponsorships for those wishes and fulfill them live on radio with the sponsor and the person having a wish granted.

For the last 3 years 46664 Bangle have had the opportunity to grant a wish on World Aids Day and this year was no different. When we heard about Norah’s story our hearts immediately reached out to her and her family.

The wish for Norah Sibeko cam from Michelle and Emma O’Connor. Norah has worked for Emma’s family for more than 12 years, and means the world to them. Every morning she comes in with a huge smile on her face, despite all the hard times she has been through. Over the last three years she has lost two of her sisters to HIV/Aids. When her sisters died she was left with their children, and now has to look after six extra children, as well as her own three boys. Her mother had a stroke, and Norah has to support her and visits her regularly. Two months ago, another of her sisters was in a severe taxi accident, but is still in hospital and unable to walk. Norah is the only one in her family earning an income, and has to look after all of them on it.

To make the wish come true, 46664 Bangles are sponsoring R2 000 per month for a year to supplement Norah’s income and help alleviate the financial pressure that she is under. In addition to that and partnering with Jet Mart, they will be providing a “Back to School” pack for all the school going children that Norah is looking after. This includes books, school shoes and basic school clothing.

We hope that fulfilling this wish will help Norah to get new focus and give back her sense of hope. May Norah and her family have a blessed Christmas!

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