Jump on the bangle wagon!

Beauties, politicians and celebrities from around the world show their support for the 46664 campaign, by wearing their bangle everywhere they go!

Recent activities include the beautiful ladies who participated in the Miss World Contest, the entire team of stunningly beautiful ladies wore their bangle in support of the 46664 campaign.


Mr Morgan Freeman and producer Lori McCreary even asked designer Sabine Roemer to design a special 46664 bangle for them which they wore to the 82nd Academy Awards. What a way to raise awareness! Mr Freeman has been quoted as saying that he never takes off his bangle!

Even politicians like Mr Bill Clinton and President Jacob Zuma, take some time out of their busy schedule to show their love and support.

These are only 2 great stories of how a global network of politicians, celebs and other participants show the world they care by taking one step further in their effort to support the 46664 campaign. How will you show the love?

Become part of this global family that cares and will continue to do so. Jump on the bangle wagon today and show your support in the effort to make a change in South Africa.

Make a difference itís in YOUR hands...

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